DEC VT103 Terminal Replacement

in Balzers LLS801 sputtering system
     Control unit of Balzers LLS801 sputtering system is formed by MCS-111 minicomputer which consists of VT103 terminal with built-in LSI-11 CPU and two TU58 tape drives. After successful replacement of tape drives by hardware emulator we also offer full reconstruction of the device. In addition to replacement of tape subsystem VT103 terminal is removed and substituted by single board computer (SBC) with TFT display and standard PC keyboard. Only original LSI-11 core with its peripherals and power supply is retained in the MCS-111 rack.

     The terminal replacement uses common SBC based on Intel architecture with built-in graphic unit and bootable flash disk containing operating system and VT103 terminal emulation software. Standard RS232C serial line with RS232/RS423 interconnection cable is used for commumication between SBC and  LSI-11 CPU.

LLS801 Control Unit with Terminal Relpacement
LLS 801 Control Unit

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