Replacements of nonstandard terminals

and control panels

We offer to our clients development of replacement solutions of nonstandard terminals and control panels. Old machine tools (Amada bending machine HFT80-25) and vacuum deposition systems (Leybold Heraeus evaporators with SGU02 or SGU03 control panel) are examples of applications where our replacements of aging displays and keyboards may be used.

Our idea is that original video signal either standard or nonstandard is digitized and displayed in one window of touch display while the keyboard or button array of original machine is displayed around this window in order to form display/keyboard assembly visually similar to the original control panel. The necessary custom built software runs on standard personal computer under commertial operating system. The hardware necessary for connection of keyboard or button array to the original system must be developed for each particular application. Examples of such hardware are PS2 keyboard interface or LPTOPTO adapter.

Touch display for vacuum deposition system
Touch display for Leybold Heraeus vacuum deposition system

Terminal replacement embedded into vacuum deposition system rack
Leybold Heraeus vacuum deposition system with terminal replacement

Note: In lower part of the above picture is used also our FDU 3.50 emulator.

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