communications terminal for process control

     TERM 51 is intelligent terminal dedicated for real time process control and monitoring. The terminal is designed as slave unit communicating with its master via RS 485 bus, optionally as stand-alone data logging unit with RS 232 interface. In case that RS 485 iterface is used, there is possible to connect up to 32 terminals to the RS 485 bus (each terminal has its own unique address).

     Back-lighted 2 rows x 16 characters alphanumeric display is used as visual output of the terminal. Custom built 28 numeric/function key keyboard is used for manual input of the device. There is also possible to count external events by separate input.

     The terminal is equipped with touch probe, which is dedicated for communication with one-wire touch ID circuits produced by Dallas Semiconductor company. This feature can be used eg. for user identifiaction.


     TERM 51 was developped for the purposes of real time process control and monitoring. The firmware of the terminal can be modified for any other application.

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