Electronics for photomultiplier tube

controlled by personal computer

      We took part in YAPMARE project and developped PMT electronics unit. The unit contains all necessary power supplies including programmable high voltage power supply, PMT preamplifier, pulse and shaping amplifier with programmable gain amplification (PGA). In addition to analog output there is also available pulsed output from amplitude discriminator. Both outputs mentioned above are used for connection to multichannel analyzer (MCA).

      The device makes use of single chip microcomputer AT89C2051, which serves for PMT high voltage power supply control, for shaping amplifier gain adjustment and for high voltage monitoring. Interface for temperature sensor for monitoring of measuring head temperature is also available. Either standard RS-232C serial line or USB interface is used for communication. Drivers running under MS-DOS and MS Windows were developped as part of the solution.

PMT Electronics
PMT Electronics

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