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TU58 emulator version 3.0 available

Development of a new version 3.0 of TU58 emulator has been finished. The new version of TU58 emulator covers all known features of original DEC TU58 dual tape drive (DECtape II) including support of reserved functions, special address mode, zero fill writes and MRSP.

TU58 emulator version 3.0 makes use of micro SD card as removable storage media. One micro SD card may contain up to 100 TU58K tape images for each drive (200 total). The onboard electronics is equipped with Ethernet interface for easy firmware upgrade and for remote access to tape images on inserted micro SD card.

Further information on released replacement of TU58 dual tape drive can be found here.

TU58 emulator 3.0
TU58 emulator 3.0

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