analog output for Centronics port

     LPTDAC is dual channel eight bit D/A converter which can be connected to standard Centronics port. Output voltage range of both channels is 0 to 1 V. Precise +1.00 V analog reference output can be used along with analog channnels. There is also possible to make use of one digital input bit and one digital output bit (status and control ports of Centronics interface are used for this purpose).

     The LPTDAC is encapsulated in housing for two 25 pin Cannon connectors. Power supply for the device is derived from data port of Centronics interface, so that no external power supply is required. Detail User's Guide and Utility Diskette is enclosed to LPTDAC. Sample code in xx86 Assembler and in Turbo Pascal along with check and demo programs are contained on Utility Diskette. Driver for analog plotter written in Turbo Pascal is also enclosed (including source code).

     The LPTDAC adapter was developped as supplement of PC controlled polarograph which enabled making use of analog plotter for graphic output of the device.

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