FDU 3.50 emulator

replacement of FDU 3.50 floppy drive unit

The FDU 3.50 emulator device was developed in order to replace the FDU 3.50 floppy drive unit of Scheck Elektronik GmbH. The original unit makes use of standard 3.5" floppy disc drive which is no longer available. Diskettes, FDD and FDC are replaced by removable storage media - micro SD card whose contents may be easily backuped to PC. One micro SD card may contain up to one hundred 720 kB diskettes. For selection of diskettes are used front panel push buttons. Actual selected diskette can be seen on front panel display.

Communication with host system is ensured by standard RS-232C serial line. Back panel serial line connector has the same wiring as the original FDU 3.50 unit. The FDU 3.50 emulator is equipped with Ethernet interface which serves for easy firmware upgrade and for remote access to diskettes on inserted micro SD card.

Dimensions of the FDU 3.50 emulator front panel and its mounting holes are the same as dimensions and mounting holes of FDU 3.50 floppy drive unit so that the emulator can be built into system instead of the original device. Original data cable is used for interconnection while power supply is ensured by standard 12 V power adapter.  


Key features

  • reliability
  • easy assembly into system
  • easy exchange of diskettes
  • easy backup of diskettes or individual files from micro SD card (via FTP or by using of card reader)

FDU 3.50 emulator
FDU 3.50 emulator

FDU 3.50 emulator front panel
FDU 3.50 emulator front panel

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