Balzers BPU420E

Evaporation System Terminal Replacement

     DEC VT340 terminals located inside control unit rack are used for manual control of Balzers BPU420E evaporation systems. These terminals are at their end of life-time by now. That was the reason why we designed replacement solution of the terminals by using PC Barebone system with 15" TFT display and standard PC keyboard.

     PC Barebone used for this purpose is based on Intel Celeron processor and is located inside control unit rack of evaporation system. TFT display is placed on front panel of control unit. Operating system with suitable licensed VT340 terminal emulation software is started on the PC Barebone. Standard RS-232C serial line is used for communication with BPU420E control unit.

     This project has been redesigned by using of the new available and suitable parts in the year 2019 last time. Actual versions of emulation software and operating system has been used.

Balzers BPU420E Terminal Replacement
Balzers BPU420E Terminal Replacement

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